Mrs. Ida Francis

DSC_0038Family. Family serves as the inspiration for why Mrs. Ida Francis began writing poetry in her twenties. It all began at family gatherings, where Mrs. Francis took on the task of writing poems on members of the family. She says poetry is a matter of telling stories, and that the communication of poetry, itself, can tell people what poetry can do – and so perhaps inspire people to begin their own journeys of writing.

Though having been in Sacramento, now, for quite some time, Mrs. Francis is a Southerner through and through. She was born in Madison County, Mississippi and attended colleges in Little Rock, Arkansas, before making her way to Sacramento, California in 1953 to live with her Aunt and Uncle, who attended a fellowship called Kyle’s Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. After her arrival, Mrs. Francis joined her Aunt and Uncle in attending, too, and the rest is …present. She has become, what she calls, a “fixture” at Kyle’s Temple, graciously serving as secretary for well over half a century.

In Mrs. Francis’ life of service, the pen plays an important role – both professionally as a secretary and personally as a poet. She is a prolific writer of words of love, laughter, and inspiration in the midst of those she loves towards those she loves – including the ones she performed to at the Scriptorium Saturday show on May 17, 2014.

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