Noah “Supanova” Hayes

DSC_1041A supernova is the explosion of a star, and if there’s an artist who’s pen name warrants such a vivid image as metaphor, it’s probably emcee and spoken word artist Noah “Supanova” Hayes.

For the past decade, Noah has spread his message of love and hope across this globe, from the famous Nuyorican Poetry Cafe in New York City, to Cafe Nuba in Denver, Colorado, to Da Poetry Lounge in Hollywood, California, all the way to international venues in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.

On stage, he has performed with legends in hip-hop and jazz such as KRS-One, Raheim of the group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, bassist Milt Hinton and composer and clarinetist Artie Shaw.

When Supanova isn’t bringing dynamic words of hope through the mic or on stage, you can find him spending time in outreach to the Boys and Girls Club, or working on his blog, where his poetry reaches audiences as far as Tokyo, Japan.

It was an honor to have Supanova share some words with us at the Poets of Faith show on June 21, 2014.