Antwan “Mr. Shepherd” Alameen

DSC_0111Antwan Alameen doesn’t really feel like he fits in. One of his biggest challenges in life has simply been receiving acceptance, as he has always embraced his individuality. Like many young folks, he spent his teenage years trying to find his identity, but ended up just feeling frustrated at not being able to conform in the ways people wanted him to. The very ones he hoped would help him find his place and purpose in life were the ones who ended up letting him down. One day, he met a missionary who introduced him to the Word of God, and he began to study the life of Jesus.

“From that time,” says Antwan, “I learned about Christ and [His] love and grace towards mankind. I learned that God’s ways were absolutely the best ways for humanity.” This growth in understanding of Jesus and His work compelled him to share the Good News with others, although inside, he still struggled with figuring out who he wanted to be.

But in 2014 Antwan decided that going through the turmoil of trying to gain approval from others was a burden he was no longer going to bear, and began focusing on living a life pleasing to God. He believes that one way God is now using him is through music. His newfound passion is connecting with people through the art of music – and not alienating them, as he once was by other people. It was an honor to have Antwan share with us at our Poets of Faith II show in 2014, which was only his second public performance.