New 2017 L.O.V.E. Project Session: We need to hear from our parents!

2017 L.O.V.E. Project Session!

We are getting ready for our summer L.O.V.E. Project (Lifting Others Through Voice and Education) sessions! As with last summer, this summer’s sessions will provide parents and children with critical learning tools, skills and information on topics like the common core standards.

The common core writing standards require children to write in a variety of genres. Writing proficiency is a process that can take many years to develop. Our upcoming session(s) will be designed to engage 7-12 year old children who struggle with or are simply disinterested in writing.

Children will start, if not publish, a short, fun writing piece they can take home and continue to work on over the summer. Writing materials will be provided during the session; however children can bring a laptop or tablet if they are familiar with creating simple word docs.

To assist with the planning of these sessions we ask that you submit this brief survey. If this session doesn’t impact you but you know parents who might be interested, please forward this survey to them!