Jacque LaRue

What a glorious gathering we had October 29, 2016 as former R & B musician Jacque LaRue (of the singing group LaRue) joined Scriptorium! The evening was full of joy, gratitude, thanksgiving, beautiful music, and community. Jacque briefly overviewed her powerful story of coming to faith in Jesus Christ while in the entertainment industry.
One theme of this show was the influence of words. Jacque provided some great insight into the purpose of music and how it can positively or negatively impact individuals. She explained how the devil was involved with music before his fall, and his ministry in music continues today.

It is wise for people to be mindful of what place they put themselves in emotionally and psychologically when choosing to listen to music. Being aware of music’s influences can help provide direction in understanding how music may unconsciously direct one’s thought life, as thought precedes action. Music ministers, or serves people, in some capacity!