Eleanor Francis

Eleanor Francis joined us on June 30, 2018!

There was so much she covered that evening, including how poetry and literature have intersected with her life during different times.

She told us interesting stories about her life growing up, and shared thoughtful reflections and unique experiences from her life. She also showcased some of her amazing quilt work. It was such a full evening by such a talented individual!

One of the many cool things Eleanor shared was how, growing up, William Faulkner would visit her family and tell them stories as they sat on the porch. She showed us her copy of The Days When the Animals Talked signed by Faulkner for her parents. “He treated us like we were his own grandchildren,” she said. She also showed us her early edition copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin – a special gem of great, great value.

And that dress she wore in the pictures to the left – yep, she made it!